Instructions - How to Use Free Templates in PowerPoint format for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Free Templates in
PowerPoint format

How to Use Free Templates
See individual templates for restrictions (if any) prior to use



If you don't know how to download the template and use it with PowerPoint, here's a step-by-step quick tutorial:

1. Save the jpeg you want in your files (Students - this means store it someplace you can find it again on your computer. A good place to put it is in your picture file.)

2. Open your PowerPoint software. On the top bar, click FORMAT and then BACKGROUND

3. In the background box that opens, click on the arrow at the bottom of the box, and then on FILL EFFECTS.

4. In fill effects, click on PICTURE, then SELECT PICTURE, and browse for the jpeg you stored in your files.

5. Click OK. APPLY or APPLY TO ALL, and you have your background.

Now that you know how to use them, here are some free templates and some free clipart to help you build a super presentation!

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