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Abstracts & Shapes


Free Templates

Bows and ribbons on wrapping paper in various blended colors

Bricks columns or horizontal designs with blended backgrounds

Blends in various colors from dark shades to soft lighter colors

Bubbles - in various sizes and colors with blended backgrounds

Corners - in various colors with blended backgrounds

Curves - in various colors

Dots - in various beautiful colors around a shaded or solid center

Eyes - "eye" center, shaded background, in various colors

Hearts - White hearts on red, Red hearts on white, and more

Ovals - oval center, shaded background, in various colors

Rectangles - center picture frame, with blended background, in various colors

Ribbons - "Ribbon" bars, with solid backgrounds, in various colors

Stars - Column of different shades and sizes of stars, with blended backgrounds, in various colors

Stripes - Stripes of different shades and thickness, in various colors

Triangles - Geometric design, blended and shaded in various colors

Waves - wave of shade on backgrounds, in various colors

Weaves - woven picture frame and edges, in various colors

Wrapping Paper - in various designs and colors

And More

Bars or spiral notebook, white bars on soft blue background

Combination of ribbon and weave on soft blue background

Tiles or mosaic background, blue and white


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